Sabil Al Rashad سبيل الرشاد Arabic Turkish Islamic 51 x Magazines Album 1908

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Sabil Al Rashad Arabic Ottoman Turkish Islamic Political Magazine سبيل الرشاد مجلة أدبية وسياسية 51 x Magazine Album 1908 Original (Rare)Magazines are sew together by bookstore owner. Turkish Ottoman language written in Arabic letters. الأديب التركي الشهيـر أشرف أديب - Ashraf Adib, a Turkish Muslim, is Editor of the religious Turkish weekly, Sabil al—Rashad, Istanbul,. Turkey. - Album feature magazines # 2 till # 52 in order. Album pages from # 17 till page # 450. Condition: Good to Very Good Overall. Approx. 16 pages each. Magazines are well preserved. Text slightly yellowed. Few holes on 2 pages only (Check images). Last Magazine (#52) missing last page. Album is missing magazine # 1. Magazines could be taken apart from the album. Totally readable.Measurements: 33cm x 26cm = 13"x 10"