Note: will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries. 

We offer Expedite via Libanpost and Express shipping via DHL Express both include extra sturdy packaging shipped to anywhere in the world.

Expedite Libanpost International REGISTERED Mail outside the Lebanon can take anywhere from 5 to 15 days.

DhL Express Mail International outside the Lebanon usually arrives within 3 to 5 days.

Registered mail by Lebon Post carrier travels under lock and key separate from the regular mail, and is signed for every step of the way. You must sign for the package when it is delivered to you. If you are not available to sign, do not worry. The postman will NOT leave it lying around like UPS or Fedex sometimes does. You will receive a delivery notification that you can use to claim your package at the post office.

Orders placed Sunday through Thursday are processed and shipped within 28 hours.

Orders placed Friday and Saturday are processed and shipped within 48 hours.

If you would like to know EXACTLY when your order will ship, please email us.

- When can I expect my order to arrive? and Why is my international order taking so long to arrive?

Orders are processed and shipped within up to 48 hours. If you choose Expedite International Registered Mail , Outside the Lebanon it usually takes 5 to 15 days, sometimes longer if it gets held up in customs. We highly recommend Express Mail (3 to 5 days) for orders outside the Lebanon.

We are terribly sorry if your international order has been delayed and appears to have been stalled in the tracking system. Sometimes international packages are chosen at random by customs for inspection, and sometimes they can be held indefinitely. It does not happen often  but it does happen. Sometimes they hold them for a few days, sometimes on rare occasion for a few weeks. Please understand that this is out of our control. It is highly likely that it will magically reappear in the system so you can track it again. In the highly unlikely event that it does not eventually arrive, we will refund you in full as it is insured.


When you purchase a poster from us we take extra special care when we package your item.

 We put the poster in a plastic bag between two pieces of STRONG cardboard and tape it together before placing in the shipping envelope or box. We stamp  DO NOT BEND all over the outside of the package.