15sht Tarzan Istanbul Istanbulda Tamer Balci Hand Painted Arabic Billboard 50s

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Tarzan in Istanbul Istanbulda طرزان في إسطنبول {Tamer Balci} (1950s) - Film Original Billboard Size: 265" x 67" x 650 cm x 170 cm Note: Very hard to find Hand-Painted Vintage Billboards, it is done completely by hand. Nowadays most billboards are electronically printed. The art of actually hand-painting advertisements is becoming a rarity. Large-scale sign painting is often described as a dying art.Each sheet was photographed separately and Photo-shopped together which causing the visible color variation between the sheets. Otherwise, colors are bright and clear. No fading. Condition: Fair/Good. 5 up to 3" tears. Few small holes around folds. Minor paper loss to edges. Yellowing and minor stain. Check images for details. Painted in Egypt by Itihad al Faniyin إتحاد الفنيين ---------------------------