24sht ملصق عربي اتفضلوا... ممنوع الدخول Egypt Hand Painted Billboard Poster 80s

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  • Poster Title: اتفضلوا... ممنوع الدخول
  • Year: 80s
  • Cast: أحمد رافع  محمد خير حلواني  فؤاد غازي  عبدالله حصوة  هيثم جبر 
  • Category: Original Egyptian Hand painted 24 sheets Film Poster (6 panels).
  • Size: 600cm x 225cm approx. 90x236"
  • Condition: Fair. Scuffing spots. Multiple pinholes in artwork and edges. No major tears. 
  • Note: Very hard to find Hand-Painted Vintage Billboards, it is done completely by hand. Nowadays most billboards are electronically printed. The art of actually hand-painting advertisements is becoming a rarity. Large-scale sign painting is often described as a dying art.