Lady of the Black Moons افيش سينما مصري عربي فيلم سيدة الأقمار السوداء، ناهد يسري Egyptian Arabic Movie 3sht Poster 70s

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  • Poster Title: سيدة الأقمار السوداء The Lady of the Black Moons, La Dama aux Lunes Noires
  • Year: 60s
  • Cast: ناهد يسري  حسين فهمي  عادل أدهم  شاهيناز طه (شاهيناز)  فيليب عقيقي  تيودورا راسي 
  • Category: Original Egyptian Film Poster
  • Size: 165cm x 100cm approx. 39x65"
  • Condition: Very Good. Pinholes around edges and bottom mid section. Foxing at border. Adhesive tape at the bottom border. Light crease along fold.
  • Note: This movie features Nahed Yusri in one of her best performance in silver screen, yet belongs to the golden age of the Arabic cinema in general and Egyptian cinema in particular. The movie is considered realistic where you can see the society as it is without any lies or tendency to perfection. Unlike most of the Arabic movies nowadays, the film includes few nudity scenes for Nahed Yusri with full frontal. For whom interested in the nudity scenes in Arabic movies.