Revolted Palestinian ملصق افيش فيلم لبناني الفلسطيني الثائر Palestine Arabic Film 3sht Lebanese Poster 60s

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The Revolted Palestinian [al Palestini al Saer] (1969) - (The Palestinian Fidaeen) Lebanese film poster Original

Size: 40"x 52" Approx. 100 cm x 135 cm

Condition: Very Good.

The Palestinian Revolted" the unique film with shows how it was, and why it was, telling the truth about the Resistance and heroism through a new film with tells the maximum of details , maximum of action and maximum of reality. Summary of Film: Palestinian youth was messed up, live life for frail, without any commitment to his stolen powers, but he loses a loved one decides to turn to Alndhaln (Fighter) trained on special operations, and in one of these processes has been besieged by the Israeli occupying forces, but his skill is breaking the siege, and run back to the base camped where Guerrillas and prepares himself for a new process after learning a new experience.