Between Us ملصق افيش فيلم عربي مصري بيني وبينك Movie Arabic Egyptian Poster 50s

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  • Poster Title: بيني وبينك Between Us
  • Year: 50s
  • Cast:  هدى شمس الدين  كمال الشناوي  محمد عبدالمطلب  عبدالغني السيد  محمد أمين  محمد التابعي
  • Category: Original Egyptian Film Poster,
  • Size: 115cm x 85cm approx. 45x33"
  • Condition: Fair. Insect damage causing large paper loss in the mid section and upper and bottom edges and also four small holes along folds. Notes handwritten on edges. Toning. Extra fold. Pinholes around edges.