Lot of 9x Oum Kalthoum Arabic أم كلثوم Magazine Ads, Article, إعلان Clipping 30s+

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collection of Om Kalthom  أم كلثوم Arabic Magazine Original Ads and Articles gathered by going through thousand of Egyptian Arabic magazines pages. You will probably never run across ads/articles like these. Great international collection to add to your collection.

Title: Vintage Original Ads, Articles, and Records ads Print Pages Date: 1930s to 70s mostly.

Type: Original. Magazine different sizes Print Ads. Full pages/Half pages and Quarter pages

Approximate size:
- 3x ads size:8x12" (full single pages).
- 1x article (6 page article). Size: 9x11"
- 3x ads (Partial pages). Size: 7x6"
- 1x ad (Half page). Size:7x16"
- 1x article (6 page article). Size: 13x11"
Condition: Good/Very Good. Yellowing.