Marital Dwelling ملصق افيش فيلم عربي مصري بيت الطاعة Egyptian Arabic Film Poster 50s

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  • Poster Title: بيت الطاعة Marital Dwelling
  • Year: 50s
  • Cast: يوسف وهبي  هدى سلطان  إسماعيل يس  فريد شوقي  ماري منيب  زوزو ماضي
  • Category: Original Egyptian Film Poster
  • Size: 100cm x 70cm approx. 39x27"
  • Condition: Fair. Light water stains throughout. Toning. Few pinholes on artwork. Several small hole along folds. Couple of tears along edges. Pinholes on borders. 
Note: This movie got the word "rare" all over it. It's rarely early time to see (Youssef Wahby) in a comedy whether as a writer or a lead actor, it's uncommon to see (Farid Shawqi) the number one star of the Egyptian cinema during the 1950s as a sidekick, and it's one of the funniest dialogues ever written for a comedy of that type. The story is about a husband had been forced to live with his wife and her family (and her wicked friend too !) whom hate him passionately and attract the wife to divorce him, so he returns the fire by strong tricks and they fire back by even stronger tricks, and so on till the real love triumphs and we have the assured happy ending.