Mr. Bayumi Poster ملصق بيومي أفندي

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  • Poster Title: بيومي أفندي
  • Year: 40s
  • Cast: يوسف وهبي  فاتن حمامة  ميمي شكيب  إيفون ماضي  سراج منير  فاخر فاخر 
  • Category: Original Egyptian Film Poster,
  • Size: 90cm x 60cm approx. 33x23"
  • Condition: Fair. Wrinkling on artwork and edges. 3" tear on the upper section. Few back stain spots in rear bleeds-through in the bottom section. 2"tear along edges in the upper section, Foxing spots on edges. Small tears along border edges. Pinholes on edges.