Female Sheikh ملصق افيش فيلم لبناني الشيخة، ليال كرم Lebanese Arabic Movie Poster 90s

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ملصق افيش فيلم لبناني الشيخة، ليال كرم  Female Sheikh {al shaykha} (1994) - (Layla Karam) Lebanese film poster

Size: 38x26" Approx. 95 cm x 65 cm

Note: Group freedom is a group of displaced children in Beirut, destroyed by war, the group is leading a child at ten-year-old known smartness and love of adventure, especially after it had succeeded in escaping from her father's evil brother stony-hearted, it began to juniors steal the servo motor and robbing apartments Alqakharp to collect their valuables to the day when a rich man met the leader of the gang of small and offered to change her life. (السينما اللبنانية) (Cinema of Lebanon)

Condition: Near Mint.